Fluid UX Team Planning Meeting

Allison Bloodworth abloodworth at berkeley.edu
Fri Oct 26 23:39:08 UTC 2007

Hi everyone,

Thanks so much for all your help with the productive Fluid UX  
Planning Meeting today! Daphne captured some notes for us here:  

We went through all the completed project plans today, and for our  
next meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 30th from 10-12PDT/1-3EDT, we will do  
more prioritizing and planning to create a Roadmap. In preparation  
for this meeting, it was asked that all group coordinators create  
cards for their major "chunks" containing descriptions and time  
estimates (in person-days) in the CardMeeting application. Here is  
the information on accessing CardMeeting, as well as information on  
which cards correspond to which project (which you will also be able  
to see in the white "Legend" card in our CardMeeting space):

Group ID: C1691 (use this at the very bottom-left form to see all the  
meetings for our group, then go to the Fluid UX Activity Planning  
meeting for this exercise)
Meeting ID: M2895 (use this in the second-to-the-bottom-left form to  
go straight to the right meeting for this exercise, Fluid UX Activity  
You can contact any of the folks below via phone for the password,  
which is the same for both the meeting or group.

Card Legend:
User Research - Daphne - white
Components - Daphne - yellow
User Testing - Barbara - orange
Design Patterns/UX Toolkit - Allison - pink
uCamp - Barbara - green
UX Walk-throughs - Paul - blue

I found it was very easy to cut and paste my tasks from Confluence  
Project Plan page and put them right on my cards. I put the high- 
level name of the "chunk" at the top (e.g. DP1: User Needs  
Assessment), and if the space of the card allowed, put the next level  
of tasks below it as bullet points. The space in the card is limited,  
so you'll want to make sure it doesn't run past the bottom.


Allison Bloodworth
Senior User Interaction Designer
Educational Technology Services
University of California, Berkeley
(415) 377-8243
abloodworth at berkeley.edu

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