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Very interesting, Daphne.  One point he kind of skips over is the 
existing third dimension of portlets -- otherwise known as window 
states.  You may remember me prosing on about the how this aspect of 
portlets is underexploited, and how we should give users the ability to 
select window states dynamically.  From this point of view, portlets are 
no longer one-size-fits all -- they grow and shrink or even pop loose 
from the dashboard window to show different content at different levels 
of detail.  I have been imagining a sort of executive dashboard which is 
totally configurable by the user and  populated with portlets in the 
minimized and cameo states, leading to all sorts of dynamic ways of 
drilling down into more detailed content.  I hope to put together a few 
use cases to illustrate what I'm talking about.  (Maybe after I get the 
walkthrough material in shape.) 

Joe Monantia does present some very interesting challenges, but I'm not 
sure that we're as trapped in Flatland as he suggests.   Food for 
thought indeed.

Thanks for pointing this out,

Daphne Ogle wrote:
> Hi all,
> With all the discussion about a new home tool for Sakai and the 
> leaning seeming to be toward some kind of dashboard view, I've been 
> doing some research around dashboard design.  And lucky for me there 
> is a discussion on the IXDA list about just this subject.  I found 
> this really interesting blog about dashboard and portal design 
> strategy.  Joe talks about some of the challenges with these kinds of 
> systems and some interesting ways to overcome them.
> Food for thought anyway...  
>  http://www.boxesandarrows.com/view/the-challenge-of
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