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Hi Daphne,

I think I fixed the page for you. Here's a little confluence primer  
on including for folks who haven't done this yet.

If you just want to include an excerpt, add: {excerpt-include:Home| 
nopanel=true} (nopanel is optional, and removes the border around the  
included text) to the first page where you want to display the  
included text. Then you put excerpt tags around what you want to take  
from the second page and include on the first page:

{excerpt}This is the text I want to include.{excerpt}

I'm not entirely sure what was wrong with your excerpt on the  
included page, but when I removed some "\\" line break tags, it after  
that it seemed to work fine.

If you want to include the *whole* page, you just put in:  
{include:Page Title to be Included}.

Also, something I've learned is that when creating a list, if you put  
spaces between the list items, that's when you sometimes end up extra  
bullets you don't want in front of the real bullets. So do this:

* First item
  ** Sub-item
  ** Another Sub-item

Not this:

* First item
  ** Sub-item

  ** Another Sub-item


On Oct 23, 2007, at 8:30 AM, Daphne Ogle wrote:

> Details:
> Also, on that page -- I'm having trouble pulling in the notes from  
> last meeting.  There is a page for October 16, 2007 Design  
> Meeting.  I want that page's content to appear in the first column  
> on this main Design Meetings page.  I had the 9th in there and I  
> think all I did was change the title in the excerpt but just having  
> no luck.  Can anyone help?
> Thanks,
> Daphne Ogle
> Senior Interaction Designer
> University of California, Berkeley
> Educational Technology Services
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> cell (510)847-0308
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