Reminder of 0.1 and call for volunteers

Colin Clark colin.clark at
Wed Oct 24 15:32:39 UTC 2007

Hi Paul,

I'm glad to hear that, thanks so much. You've done a great job helping 
to coordinate the UX walkthroughs and I was hoping you'd be willing to 
help with preparations for the release.

If anyone on the list has suggestions for how to improve our UX 
Walkthrough documentation for the 0.1, don't hesitate to let Paul know.

Thanks again,


Paul Zablosky wrote:
> Colin,
>    Having committed to doing some work on the UX Walkthrough stuff a 
> while back, I will re-volunteer to do some editing and wiki gardening in 
> the relevant sections.
> Paul
> Colin Clark wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> Just a reminder that we're well into preparations for the release of 
>> Fluid version 0.1 on October 31, 2007. This release is expected to 
>> contain:
>> 1. The Lightbox, including documentation and example HTML files
>> 2. The Reorderer, also including documentation and examples
>> 3. UX Toolkit, consisting of:
>>   a) The Drag and Drop design pattern
>>   b) The UX Walkthrough protocol and checklist
>> The release will be packaged as a zip file available for download 
>> directly from It will include all of the source code 
>> as well as PDFs of our UX toolkit.
>> The Reorderer technical team is making some final changes to the 
>> markup contract in anticipation of code freeze and testing later this 
>> week.
>> Eli Cochran has done great work drafting a QA plan. He's got a few 
>> more tweaks planned, but will post it to the wiki soon. We'd 
>> appreciate your help in QA testing.
>> We're also looking for a volunteer to help edit and organize our UX 
>> Walkthrough protocol and checklist for the release. If you feel up to 
>> doing a bit of editing and wiki gardening, please let us know!
>> Colin

Colin Clark
Technical Lead, Fluid Project
Adaptive Technology Resource Centre, University of Toronto

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