UX Toolkit for 0.1 Release

Shaw-Han Liem shawhan.liem at utoronto.ca
Wed Oct 24 14:49:21 UTC 2007

Hi Everyone,

As mentioned in the UX Group meeting yesterday, I thought I'd follow up 
on the deliverables for the first release of the UX Toolkit (Oct 31).

1. Drag and Drop Design Pattern

This will be the our first attempt at creating a Fluid Design Pattern. I 
believe the plan is to eventually move the patterns to their own website 
to allow us more layout/interactivity options, but for now it will live 
in the Fluid Wiki, and be exported as a PDF for inclusion in the release.

- http://wiki.fluidproject.org/x/4Qsa
(ignore the broken links, i'm in the middle of fixing them :)
- Based on the Sakai DnD design pattern
- Will add ARIA markup examples
- Will add "generic" (non-sakai) screenshots of good DND implementations

2. UX Walkthrough Documentation

The documentation surrounding the UX walkthroughs (or some cleaned-up 
sub-set of them) will also be exported from the wiki to PDF and be 
included in the release.

- http://wiki.fluidproject.org/x/RwAF
- Any ideas about what sections of this would be most useful as part of 
the release? Any volunteers to do the cleanup?

I think that's about it. If anyone has any comments on the above 
material or would like to contribute, feel free to edit the wiki pages 
or respond on the list!



Shaw-Han Liem
Adaptive Technology Resource Centre
University of Toronto
shawhan.liem at utoronto.ca / 416-946-0423

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