Fluid licensing logistics

Sheila Crossey sheila.crossey at utoronto.ca
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Yes, DOJO does have multiple license files in multiple trunks. In fact it 
has different license files in some sub-folders and so will Fluid when 
required for third party reasons. But the DOJO model does not have any 
embedded license text in the source code files so they don't have to worry 
about pointing back to the right license. They simply rely on the context of 
the folder that the source code file is in. I initially thought of doing it 
that way as it's easy, but in discussing it more thoroughly with Colin came 
to the conclusion that it would be too dangerous as it would mean that a 
source code file taken out of context would have no copyright information 
whatsoever. Also, we have the situation with multiple copyright owners so we 
need a mechanism to identify who owns what.

So this embedded license text introduces the complication of pointing to a 
full license (because the full license is too big to embed in every source 
code file). Maybe we could have a master copy license file somewhere with a 
permanent link and just use that. I'm not sure how these repositories work, 
so I don't know what the simplest technical solution would be.


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> Interesting with respect to DOJO licensing documentation, and where it 
> points.
> However, although it looks like there is one licence document in the 
> trunk, there is actually more than one.  Thus, the  DOJO licensing 
> documentation page points to the one in the trunk of the dojo "project". 
> There is an identical document inside the trunk of the dijit "project"; 
> similarly dojox.
> Here are the URLs one above the other, so that it is easily seen that the 
> only difference is the name of the "project".  Note that there is a 
> separate trunk within each project, and, a separate copy of the licence:
> http://trac.dojotoolkit.org/browser/dojo/trunk/LICENSE
> http://trac.dojotoolkit.org/browser/dijit/trunk/LICENSE
> http://trac.dojotoolkit.org/browser/dojox/trunk/LICENSE
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