Fluid licensing logistics

Joseph Scheuhammer clown at utoronto.ca
Mon Oct 22 16:51:17 UTC 2007

I wrote:

> When we cut a branch, that LICENSE file should be copied to the top of 
> the branch so that it is automatically included with a distribution of 
> that branch.  I'm pretty sure that happens automatically, but I'll 
> check to make sure.

In general, making a branch amounts to copying the current contents of 
the trunk to the designated branch.  The act of copying will include the 
LICENSE file.  Similarly with tagging a set of revisions.

You wrote:
> ... LICENSE file that would reside at the top of the trunk of the 
> Fluid repository

There is some fussiness here.  Currently, the repository has a number of 
directories, each with their own trunk.  Each directory is roughly 
equivalent to a "project".  For example, currently, there is a 
"components" project/directory, and a "gallery-portlet" 
project/directory.  Each has a trunk within the project, and, in the 
future, any number of branches.  I also expect that there will be more 
projects as time goes on.

I would expect, then, that the LICENSE file be placed at the top of each 
project's trunk.  But, that entails multiple copies of the LICENSE, one 
per project, which is somewhat undesirable, but isn't too bad.

If that were done, then the normal branching and tagging operations 
would work with respect to automatically including the LICENSE file.


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