Fluid CLA and CCLA for comment

John Norman john at caret.cam.ac.uk
Mon Oct 22 12:21:06 UTC 2007



On 22 Oct 2007, at 01:49, Jens Haeusser wrote:

> I fully support these licenses- they are identical to not only the  
> Sakai CLA and CCLA, but the Kuali ones as well, and as such, have  
> now passed through the hands of many University lawyers... I’d be  
> loathe to change even a single word.
> Jens Haeusser
> Director, Strategy
> Information Technology, UBC
> On 10/15/07 8:01 AM, "Sheila Crossey" <sheila.crossey at utoronto.ca>  
> wrote:
>> All,
>> As part of the process of moving Fluid code into its own  
>> repository, we would like to get the right intellectual property  
>> paperwork in place for contributors to hand off code. With this in  
>> mind, I've created a Fluid CLA (Contributor License Agreement) and  
>> CCLA (Corporate CLA). These are copies of the Sakai CLA and CCLA  
>> except that I've replaced references to the Sakai Foundation with  
>> the University of Toronto and say the project is led by the  
>> University of Toronto represented by the ATRC. Other than the  
>> header, changing Foundation to University throughout, and  
>> providing a new address, the language is identical to the current  
>> Sakai CLA and CCLA. I kept the Sakai version numbering (CLA 1.0  
>> and CCLA 1.1) to stay in synch with them.
>> As previously discussed, our intention is to dual-license the code  
>> under the ECL 2.0 and Modified BSD licences. I'll be posting more  
>> details of the proposed logistics for this soon.
>> Meanwhile, I would appreciate it if an appropriate person from  
>> each of the contributing organizations could let me know if the  
>> attached CLA and CCLA suit their needs. Also, please let me know  
>> if you spot any errors (typographical or otherwise).
>> Sheila
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