A problem with jQuery UI's drag-and-drop

Joseph Scheuhammer clown at utoronto.ca
Fri Oct 19 22:21:30 UTC 2007

I wrote:

> The mockup is located here:
> https://source.fluidproject.org/svn/fluid/components/trunk/src/webapp/component-templates/test/markupExamples/reorderer/concrete/uportal-unordered-list-tabs/

Going to that URL shows only the source html of the mockup.  In order to 
actually see it action, one would have to use an svn client to perform a 
checkout of the code from the repository, and then open up the local 
copy downloaded.  Being used to doing this many times a day has clouded 
my judgement into thinking svn operations are a simple task.  My apologies.

For those who wish to look at a working version without mucking about 
with svn, it exists on http://build.fluidproject.org (serendipitously, 
as it happens).

The full URL, and it's a long one, is:


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