A problem with jQuery UI's drag-and-drop

Joseph Scheuhammer clown at utoronto.ca
Fri Oct 19 18:40:53 UTC 2007

I wrote:

> The element to be moved is hidden by setting it's visibility style, 
> but otherwise leaving its styles intact, including the float (but, 
> again, I'll check that).  Upon the drop, the avatar is destroyed, and 
> the visibility reset on the moved item (and it's been moved in the dom 
> -- actually it's moving around the dom during the drag, but you can't 
> see it).

Actually, that's the problem.  The above describes what happens when 
jQuiDnD work -- the item dragged is set to invisbile, but it moves 
around in the DOM.  In the case where jQuiDnD doesn't work, it is still 
set to invisible, but does *not* move around the dom.

Why would a "float" style stop DOM manipulations?


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