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Thu Oct 18 15:16:06 UTC 2007

Hi Daphne/Mike
I wanted to thank you for your comments.  I agree it will be good to  
get a more comprehensive section of faculty than just Eileens.   
Actually I think it may be difficult to get faculty in general.  In  
light of us wanting a more comprehensive sample than just our primary  
persona, Allison's matrices will be helpful to foster us thinking  
when recruiting faculty.

My thought is that we start recruiting and see who we can get, see  
how these early faculty fit into Allison's matrices and then, later  
on we can target other faculty that we might be missing.

I'm starting to talk to some faculty here to see what might be  
possible.  My understanding is that we would test the demo of the  
light box that is on the Sakai site.  I'll put a link on the wiki.

Mike and Daphne are you available for a breeze meeting later today?   
Anyone else interested let me know.


On 18-Oct-07, at 11:00 AM, Michael S Elledge wrote:

> Hi Everyone--
> Barbara, you've done a very nice job putting together the user  
> study info and protocol. The categories are quite comprehensive and  
> will be very helpful when we move into more contextual testing.
> I want to second Daphne's comment about being flexible when testing  
> the tool. Faculty (at least on this campus) are notoriously  
> difficult to recruit, especially on short notice. I also imagine  
> we'll find out what we need to know after a fairly small number,  
> say ten, keyboard and non-keyboard users try it out (that is 5 each).
> In the meantime, can someone post a link on the site to the  
> instance of Lightbox we'll be testing?
> Also, I've made some edits to the page. Feel free to comment, etc.
> Thanks!
> Mike
> Daphne Ogle wrote:
>> On Oct 17, 2007, at 8:17 AM, Barbara Glover wrote:
>>> Hi Allison
>>> Thanks for sending the link to the chart.  That will help out.   
>>> Originally I wanted to do a more comprehensive study of users  
>>> representing both our faculty persona as well as student  
>>> personas.  Daphne and I had a conversation about that this week  
>>> and with the shortened time-line we thought to focus this round  
>>> on faculty with the addition of a few key-board only users.
>> Right now, students are not able to use the reorderer -- no  
>> permissions in the Image Gallery tool to reorder images.  This is  
>> likely to come but not for a couple versions.  Our focus right now  
>> is to make the experience of posting images for students to view  
>> as easy and pleasant as possible for instructors.  That said,  
>> testing some students on the lightbox will give us some good user  
>> data on the reorder generally -- how do the controls and  
>> interesting moments work; do they know what they can do when and  
>> where they can do it (related to my final comment).
>> IMO focusing on our primary persona is not critical at this  
>> point.  The current functionality is pretty generic around  
>> reordering images.  When the personas get interesting is in future  
>> phases of the Image Gallery (and perhaps some of this will end up  
>> in the lightbox component) when we support image heavy course  
>> instructors in building their course content.  We of course want  
>> to test some users that are used to working with images like  
>> Eileen is but I also think we want to test a diverse mix of people  
>> to get a sense of where and when the lightbox will support users  
>> best.
>>> Since our planning meeting yesterday though it appears we may  
>>> have more time to complete further testing.  In light of this, I  
>>> would like to propose we start the testing with faculty matching  
>>> our primary persona for Sakai and then, branch out to include the  
>>> students.
>>> As far as extrapolating to the Re-orderer in general, that was  
>>> not the intent of these studies.  However it is a good suggestion  
>>> and one as we do more planning around user testing in general  
>>> that we should consider.
>> We should get some good user data about the reorderer in relation  
>> to images by testing the lightbox.  We could also think about  
>> testing the uPortal portlet layout implementation to round out the  
>> results a bit.  Perhaps we could outline what we want to know  
>> about the reorderer and make sure we include tasks that get at  
>> that information.
>> -Daphne
>>> cheers
>>> Barbara
>>> On 16-Oct-07, at 8:46 PM, Allison Bloodworth wrote:
>>>> Hi there,
>>>> It seems that one addition we should make to the testing  
>>>> protocol is identifying the attributes of the users we want to  
>>>> test, and then keeping track of which user types we've been able  
>>>> to find. See 
>>>> +Research for an example of an (admittedly complicated--we  
>>>> probably don't need nearly this much detail) matrix Daphne, Judy  
>>>> and I came up with for the Content Management Research. Are we  
>>>> only planning to target folks who are similar to the two  
>>>> Lightbox personas ( 
>>>> Lightbox+Personas), both of which are faculty members? It sounds  
>>>> like we at a minimum need to add "keyboard-only user" to the  
>>>> list of target characteristics. Are there others?
>>>> A question that may help answer that is to ask whether we trying  
>>>> to extrapolate testing for the Re-orderer from testing of the  
>>>> Lightbox? If so, I am wondering if we should consider also  
>>>> testing students and people who are using Sakai for research or  
>>>> project management as well (e.g. 
>>>> display/fluid/Sakai+Personas), since they may be using a version  
>>>> of the re-orderer in another Sakai tool (e.g. Page Order  
>>>> Helper). It wouldn't be testing in context, but at least it  
>>>> would be testing user types who may encounter the Re-orderer.  
>>>> There would also be the users of other Fluid applications to  
>>>> consider, but I'm guessing they may be covered by some of the  
>>>> Lightbox or Sakai personas, and am not sure it would make sense  
>>>> to define our target testing subjects in an incredibly granular  
>>>> fashion (because we are going to be limited as to who we can  
>>>> access).
>>>> Allison
>>>> On Oct 16, 2007, at 2:54 PM, Colin Clark wrote:
>>>>> Hi Barbara and all,
>>>>> This is a really good testing protocol for the Lightbox. Nice  
>>>>> work!
>>>>> The UX team talked about user testing briefly on our planning  
>>>>> call today. For those of you who weren't there, here's a quick  
>>>>> summary.
>>>>> The 0.1 release is unusual in that we haven't had the  
>>>>> opportunity to do a lot of user testing on the Lightbox yet.  
>>>>> Now that we've got a solid test plan, it will serve as the  
>>>>> basis for identifying and fixing usability issues with the  
>>>>> Lightbox and Reorderer over the next few releases. User testing  
>>>>> will become an ongoing activity for us from here on.
>>>>> We'll fix as many issues as we can before 0.1, and then  
>>>>> continue with user testing and refactoring into 0.2, refining  
>>>>> the test plan as we go.
>>>>> Barbara mentioned during the meeting that she's planning to run  
>>>>> this plan with Justin Obara early next week here in Toronto. Is  
>>>>> anyone else able to do some testing with users at their  
>>>>> institution?
>>>>> Colin
>>>>> Barbara Glover wrote:
>>>>>> Hi Daphne/Mike/Allison/Shaw-Han
>>>>>> We're trying to get some quick user testing done for the  
>>>>>> release of  the Lightbox at the end of October.  Several of  
>>>>>> you have offered to  help with this testing especially the  
>>>>>> accessibility sections at your  universities.
>>>>>> I've put together a protocol that we can use with the  
>>>>>> instructor  user.  Please review and make changes at the  
>>>>>> folllowing wiki page.
>>>>>> +Protocol
>>>>>> Let's try and determine if we can get any testing completed in  
>>>>>> the  next week before the release is done.
>>>>>> cheers
>>>>>> Barbara
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