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Hi Aaron
I'm coordinating the UCamp for JA-Sig in November and will be working  
with the one at the Sakai conference as well.  We'd like to start  
thinking about the UCamp and so this idea should be explored more.

If we want to make the code sprint exercise really successful I think  
we'll need to select something that designers can start working on  
before the UCamp.  Daphne had an idea that I'd like to propose as  
well, in that we consider how the Fluid reorderer component could be  
implemented in Sakai.

I think this is a component that designers understand fairly well and  
before the UCamp areas for its implementation within Sakai could be  
found that would best serve users.  Then the collaboration at the  
UCamp could see some of this implemented.

Does anyone have any suggestions on this?  Daphne did you have any  
further ideas?  Perhaps we should also consider forming a UCamp  
planning committee for Sakai conference.


On 15-Oct-07, at 8:35 AM, Aaron Zeckoski wrote:

> Ok, after a little brainstorming we are thinking that we should
> attempt something like a code sprint for the afternoon session. The
> idea is that we either pick small scale issues or make up an exercise
> and work on them in small teams. The teams would be made up of a
> couple experienced people (hopefully a designer and developer) and
> some less experienced members. Probably 5-8 people in a team.
> An alternative would be to simply demonstrate the process of designing
> and developing in Sakai for all the developers with a precompleted
> exercise.
> If you have an opinion about which one is more valuable to you as a
> developer or designer in Sakai, please speak up. If you think they are
> both bad ideas and we should just do a presentation or something else
> entirely then please make suggestions.
> Thanks
> -AZ
> On 10/9/07, Colin Clark <colin.clark at> wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> Aaron Zeckoski and I have been chatting about some new ideas for the
>> Sakai U-Camp and Programmer's Cafe at the upcoming Newport Beach  
>> conference.
>> We've been talking about the prospect of having a small collaboration
>> where developers in the advanced Cafe stream will implement
>> functionality in Sakai based on wireframes by real designers.
>> I'd like to solicit wider feedback and suggestions on these ideas.  
>> The
>> initial still very drafty suggestion is:
>> * 9 am - 11 am: Design, accessibility, and testing talks and  
>> discussions
>> This session will largely be focussed on topics of interest to
>> experienced UX folks as well as those interested in learning more.  
>> The
>> familiar U-Camp format.
>> * After lunch - 2 pm: U-Camp collaboration with the Programmer's  
>> Cafe.
>> based on a design problem we work out and design for in advance of  
>> the
>> conference, we'll work with the advanced Cafe developers to implement
>> our designs.
>> This will require us to organize well in advance so we have time  
>> to put
>> together a relatively small project, do the user research, and  
>> come up
>> with a design. Perhaps there is some bite-size work from the Fluid
>> summit that we could work on for this project.
>> UI designer/developer types will likely want to stay in the Cafe  
>> for the
>> afternoon to help with the implementation work.
>> * 2 pm - 4:30 pm: Back in the U-Camp, more UX-specific activities.
>> Perhaps something intersecting with teaching and learning? Or UX
>> walkthroughs of Sakai? Other ideas?
>> * 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm: Combined session demonstrating the results of  
>> the
>> implementation. Identifying next steps and people to carry this work
>> forward if desired.
>> I think that we still need to work out a lot of the details for this
>> sort of plan. It's hard to do any sizable amount of implementation  
>> work
>> in an afternoon, so the design problem would have to be very small  
>> and
>> worked out ahead of time.
>> More importantly, we've found in Fluid that the most productive  
>> way to
>> work on UX issues tends to be a close collaboration amongst a small
>> group of designers and developers who work as a team.  
>> Unfortunately this
>> initial idea for a U-Camp/Cafe collaboration doesn't really take this
>> approach into account, and I'm a bit troubled by the process.
>> Thoughts? Suggestions?
>> Colin
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