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Thu Oct 18 02:08:45 UTC 2007

Daphne Ogle wrote:
> Some people in Fluid and Sakai have been thinking about this question 
> a bit.  In fact, there may be a WG forming soon that will focus on the 
> problem spaces of file management and navigation (2 areas that have 
> risen to the top form the UX Walkthroughs we've been doing).  One of 
> the first steps will be to do some contextual inquiry with users to 
> understand how they work with content in their sites -- why do they 
> want it in there, how do they get in, what are they doing with it once 
> it's in, etc.  The result should be a much better understanding of 
> this space which should lead to a better understanding of how 
> navigation structures can best support users work.  I'm curious if 
> there are people in the community that could help with some of the 
> research, analysis and design?  * If you're interested and have the 
> time to get involved in a project like this, let me know. * I'm in the 
> midst of thinking through what a plan for this would look like and how 
> we get the greatest user coverage with limited time and resources.
I'm not sure how much time I'll have to commit, but I'm definitely 
interested. It dovetails nicely with some design work I'm doing for my 
employer at the moment. Put me down as "tentative".

- m

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