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Wed Oct 17 17:40:21 UTC 2007

Hi Daphne
I'm going to try and schedule a meeting to finalize the plans for the  
user testing.  I'm having trouble keeping up with all the emails :-)   
Lots of good ideas though.

- Barbara
On 17-Oct-07, at 1:07 PM, Daphne Ogle wrote:

> On Oct 17, 2007, at 8:17 AM, Barbara Glover wrote:
>> Hi Allison
>> Thanks for sending the link to the chart.  That will help out.   
>> Originally I wanted to do a more comprehensive study of users  
>> representing both our faculty persona as well as student  
>> personas.  Daphne and I had a conversation about that this week  
>> and with the shortened time-line we thought to focus this round on  
>> faculty with the addition of a few key-board only users.
> Right now, students are not able to use the reorderer -- no  
> permissions in the Image Gallery tool to reorder images.  This is  
> likely to come but not for a couple versions.  Our focus right now  
> is to make the experience of posting images for students to view as  
> easy and pleasant as possible for instructors.  That said, testing  
> some students on the lightbox will give us some good user data on  
> the reorder generally -- how do the controls and interesting  
> moments work; do they know what they can do when and where they can  
> do it (related to my final comment).
> IMO focusing on our primary persona is not critical at this point.   
> The current functionality is pretty generic around reordering  
> images.  When the personas get interesting is in future phases of  
> the Image Gallery (and perhaps some of this will end up in the  
> lightbox component) when we support image heavy course instructors  
> in building their course content.  We of course want to test some  
> users that are used to working with images like Eileen is but I  
> also think we want to test a diverse mix of people to get a sense  
> of where and when the lightbox will support users best.
>> Since our planning meeting yesterday though it appears we may have  
>> more time to complete further testing.  In light of this, I would  
>> like to propose we start the testing with faculty matching our  
>> primary persona for Sakai and then, branch out to include the  
>> students.
>> As far as extrapolating to the Re-orderer in general, that was not  
>> the intent of these studies.  However it is a good suggestion and  
>> one as we do more planning around user testing in general that we  
>> should consider.
> We should get some good user data about the reorderer in relation  
> to images by testing the lightbox.  We could also think about  
> testing the uPortal portlet layout implementation to round out the  
> results a bit.  Perhaps we could outline what we want to know about  
> the reorderer and make sure we include tasks that get at that  
> information.
> -Daphne
>> cheers
>> Barbara
>> On 16-Oct-07, at 8:46 PM, Allison Bloodworth wrote:
>>> Hi there,
>>> It seems that one addition we should make to the testing protocol  
>>> is identifying the attributes of the users we want to test, and  
>>> then keeping track of which user types we've been able to find.  
>>> See  
>>> for an example of an (admittedly complicated--we probably don't  
>>> need nearly this much detail) matrix Daphne, Judy and I came up  
>>> with for the Content Management Research. Are we only planning to  
>>> target folks who are similar to the two Lightbox personas (http:// 
>>>, both of  
>>> which are faculty members? It sounds like we at a minimum need to  
>>> add "keyboard-only user" to the list of target characteristics.  
>>> Are there others?
>>> A question that may help answer that is to ask whether we trying  
>>> to extrapolate testing for the Re-orderer from testing of the  
>>> Lightbox? If so, I am wondering if we should consider also  
>>> testing students and people who are using Sakai for research or  
>>> project management as well (e.g. 
>>> display/fluid/Sakai+Personas), since they may be using a version  
>>> of the re-orderer in another Sakai tool (e.g. Page Order Helper).  
>>> It wouldn't be testing in context, but at least it would be  
>>> testing user types who may encounter the Re-orderer. There would  
>>> also be the users of other Fluid applications to consider, but  
>>> I'm guessing they may be covered by some of the Lightbox or Sakai  
>>> personas, and am not sure it would make sense to define our  
>>> target testing subjects in an incredibly granular fashion  
>>> (because we are going to be limited as to who we can access).
>>> Allison
>>> On Oct 16, 2007, at 2:54 PM, Colin Clark wrote:
>>>> Hi Barbara and all,
>>>> This is a really good testing protocol for the Lightbox. Nice work!
>>>> The UX team talked about user testing briefly on our planning  
>>>> call today. For those of you who weren't there, here's a quick  
>>>> summary.
>>>> The 0.1 release is unusual in that we haven't had the  
>>>> opportunity to do a lot of user testing on the Lightbox yet. Now  
>>>> that we've got a solid test plan, it will serve as the basis for  
>>>> identifying and fixing usability issues with the Lightbox and  
>>>> Reorderer over the next few releases. User testing will become  
>>>> an ongoing activity for us from here on.
>>>> We'll fix as many issues as we can before 0.1, and then continue  
>>>> with user testing and refactoring into 0.2, refining the test  
>>>> plan as we go.
>>>> Barbara mentioned during the meeting that she's planning to run  
>>>> this plan with Justin Obara early next week here in Toronto. Is  
>>>> anyone else able to do some testing with users at their  
>>>> institution?
>>>> Colin
>>>> Barbara Glover wrote:
>>>>> Hi Daphne/Mike/Allison/Shaw-Han
>>>>> We're trying to get some quick user testing done for the  
>>>>> release of  the Lightbox at the end of October.  Several of you  
>>>>> have offered to  help with this testing especially the  
>>>>> accessibility sections at your  universities.
>>>>> I've put together a protocol that we can use with the  
>>>>> instructor  user.  Please review and make changes at the  
>>>>> folllowing wiki page.
>>>>> +Protocol
>>>>> Let's try and determine if we can get any testing completed in  
>>>>> the  next week before the release is done.
>>>>> cheers
>>>>> Barbara
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