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One idea is to implement the reorder in a few locations that make  
sense in Sakai.  That gives us a jump start from the design  
perspective since the reorder is already designed and will be tested  
by then.  So from the design perspective it would be a matter of  
figuring out how it fits in to a variety of contexts.  Seems like it  
could be a valuable exercise in implementing the Fluid components.   


On Oct 15, 2007, at 12:44 PM, Barbara Glover wrote:

> Any ideas yet on what the project would be that we would be  
> designing? Designers would need to start looking at it fairly soon  
> I would think.
> On 15-Oct-07, at 8:35 AM, Aaron Zeckoski wrote:
>> Ok, after a little brainstorming we are thinking that we should
>> attempt something like a code sprint for the afternoon session. The
>> idea is that we either pick small scale issues or make up an exercise
>> and work on them in small teams. The teams would be made up of a
>> couple experienced people (hopefully a designer and developer) and
>> some less experienced members. Probably 5-8 people in a team.
>> An alternative would be to simply demonstrate the process of  
>> designing
>> and developing in Sakai for all the developers with a precompleted
>> exercise.
>> If you have an opinion about which one is more valuable to you as a
>> developer or designer in Sakai, please speak up. If you think they  
>> are
>> both bad ideas and we should just do a presentation or something else
>> entirely then please make suggestions.
>> Thanks
>> -AZ
>> On 10/9/07, Colin Clark <colin.clark at> wrote:
>>> Hi everyone,
>>> Aaron Zeckoski and I have been chatting about some new ideas for the
>>> Sakai U-Camp and Programmer's Cafe at the upcoming Newport Beach  
>>> conference.
>>> We've been talking about the prospect of having a small  
>>> collaboration
>>> where developers in the advanced Cafe stream will implement
>>> functionality in Sakai based on wireframes by real designers.
>>> I'd like to solicit wider feedback and suggestions on these  
>>> ideas. The
>>> initial still very drafty suggestion is:
>>> * 9 am - 11 am: Design, accessibility, and testing talks and  
>>> discussions
>>> This session will largely be focussed on topics of interest to
>>> experienced UX folks as well as those interested in learning  
>>> more. The
>>> familiar U-Camp format.
>>> * After lunch - 2 pm: U-Camp collaboration with the Programmer's  
>>> Cafe.
>>> based on a design problem we work out and design for in advance  
>>> of the
>>> conference, we'll work with the advanced Cafe developers to  
>>> implement
>>> our designs.
>>> This will require us to organize well in advance so we have time  
>>> to put
>>> together a relatively small project, do the user research, and  
>>> come up
>>> with a design. Perhaps there is some bite-size work from the Fluid
>>> summit that we could work on for this project.
>>> UI designer/developer types will likely want to stay in the Cafe  
>>> for the
>>> afternoon to help with the implementation work.
>>> * 2 pm - 4:30 pm: Back in the U-Camp, more UX-specific activities.
>>> Perhaps something intersecting with teaching and learning? Or UX
>>> walkthroughs of Sakai? Other ideas?
>>> * 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm: Combined session demonstrating the results  
>>> of the
>>> implementation. Identifying next steps and people to carry this work
>>> forward if desired.
>>> I think that we still need to work out a lot of the details for this
>>> sort of plan. It's hard to do any sizable amount of  
>>> implementation work
>>> in an afternoon, so the design problem would have to be very  
>>> small and
>>> worked out ahead of time.
>>> More importantly, we've found in Fluid that the most productive  
>>> way to
>>> work on UX issues tends to be a close collaboration amongst a small
>>> group of designers and developers who work as a team.  
>>> Unfortunately this
>>> initial idea for a U-Camp/Cafe collaboration doesn't really take  
>>> this
>>> approach into account, and I'm a bit troubled by the process.
>>> Thoughts? Suggestions?
>>> Colin
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