Design Patterns kick-off meeting & reminder about Oracle design patterns talk

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Fri Oct 12 19:49:28 UTC 2007

Hi there,

It was great meeting so many of you in person at the summit! To  
follow up on the design patterns presentation (available at: http:// I gave at the  
summit, I wanted to organize a meeting for all of us who are  
interested in the topic. We will begin with a discussion of the goals  
of the group, talk about the questions we didn't have time to discuss  
at the summit, and then come up with some next steps for Fluid design  

Please check out the "Questions for the group to consider" on the  
wiki page ( 
+Patterns) prior to the meeting and bring any questions, comments, or  
ideas that you have. I will also be fleshing this wiki page/space out  
a bit more in the coming days (e.g. adding links to resources and  
other pattern libraries), so you may want to check back for new  

I've tentatively scheduled the kick-off meeting for the group for  
Wednesday, Oct 17th from 2-3EDT/11-12PDT, which we will hold in Fluid  
Breeze ( If you would like to  
attend this meeting and the time doesn't work for you, just let me  
know. Then if you could also pass along any constraints you have re:  
meeting times, I'll try to come up with a new time that works for  

Also, a reminder that if you are interested in design patterns, you  
will also want to attend the talk with George Hackman from Oracle in  
Fluid Breeze this Monday, Oct. 15th from 12-1. I believe design  
patterns will be one of the major topics he will be discussing, along  
with a few others. There are some slides in my presentation outlining  
some of the work one of his (I think former) employees, Patrick  
Stapleton, did on pattern libraries.

Lastly, if you are interested in more information on design pattern  
libraries, there is a Yahoo! group whose mailing list (mentioned in  
my talk) you may want to subscribe to: 
group/ui-pattern-authors/. It is not a terribly high-traffic mailing  
list, but many of the big pattern library authors participate there  
and there are some interesting polls, files, etc. as well that you  
can access.

Hope to see you Wednesday!

Allison Bloodworth
Senior User Interaction Designer
Educational Technology Services
University of California, Berkeley
(415) 377-8243
abloodworth at

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