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Thu Oct 11 17:17:15 UTC 2007

/This is a late reply to Daphne's query of October 8th

This brings up an interesting point.  How long are folks planning to  
stay?  I originally thought is was 2 day event but it looks like  
space is available all week.

Paul, when you say "later in the week", what are you thinking?   
Trying to figure out logistics...


What I was suggesting, Daphne, is that people think about the 
opportunity for developer/designer
interactive collaborative work later in the week when activities switch 
over to the "code fest"
model.  I don't know if any of our designers had plans to participate on 
this level, but the
opportunity is certainly there.  As you say, it's a question of 
logistics.  We all have to make
travel plans, and decide in advance how may days we'll be in  attendance.

The Tuesday afternoon UCamp could end with a designer and developer 
pairing off and saying
"Let's get together and thrash out this idea we've just come up with, 
and cut some actual
code... Oops can't do it -- got a plane to catch this evening ..."

Should this be a real concern?  Anything we can do about it?


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