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Hi all,

This brings up a question for me...when we add child pages like this  
to the front page of the wiki, should they be made left nav items? I  
usually like to see that type of symmetry so users can quickly parse  
it..."oh, these bullets are the same as the left nav!" In one site  
where we had bullets that didn't correspond exactly to the left nav,  
we separated the non-left nav bullets into another section (e.g. see:, which could be another option.  
Alternatively, if we don't want new sub-pages in the left nav, we  
could set up a higher level category which contains multiple items  
(though I don't have a good suggestion on what could contain the IRC  
Channel & maybe Daily Builds, both of which are missing from the left  
nav now).

Ah, the joys of the evolving information architecture of a wiki! :)


On Oct 9, 2007, at 7:01 AM, Anastasia Cheetham wrote:

> On 8-Oct-07, at 4:12 PM, Eric Dalquist wrote:
>> At the Fluid summit I talked to a few developers about extending
>> the JA-SIG IRC logging bot into the #fluid-work IRC channel. I'm at
>> a point where I could do this now but I need to know where in
>> Confluence the Fluid developers would like these logs to end up.
>> The bot can create a hierarchy of pages based on the date which is
>> flexible on the format and naming of each page.
> The front page of the Fluid Project wiki has a section called
> "Collaborative Project Resources." I could create a link in this
> section to an "IRC channels" page, for example, and link that to a
> logs page.
> Any alternate suggestions?
> Would you need me to create the page before you can set up the bot?
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