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    Given the intended substantial Fluid presence at the unconference, 
I'm hoping that there will be a strong thread of usability/accessibility 
permeating the gathering.  I am in favour of making the UCamp a plenary, 
although attendees are of course free to pursue other interests in 
parallel if they wish. 

Certainly, we need to set this up with appropriate lightning talks. 

I'm also hoping that there will be some opportunity for real 
designer/developer interactions focused on real deliverables later in 
the week.  Ideally these collaborations would be proposed before the 
unconference, but they could arise during the Monday-Tuesday activities.

The unconference presents a great opportunity for spreading the 
"literacy" of user experience expertise, and we should make the most of it.

[I put the word /literacy/ in quotes because I borrowed it from a 
well-expressed comment from Michael Feldstein 
on the Fluid wiki.]


Barbara Glover wrote:
> Hi all, 
> I'd like to get your feedback on an idea for the UCamp that was 
> suggested in the Unconference planning mailing.  The idea is to have 
> the UCamp be a full-all attendee activity with a few lightning UE 
> talks in the morning preceeding.
> Any thoughts?
> Anymore ideas on what you want to discuss?  I think there is some need 
> to at least give a brief intro to UE (maybe a lightning talk) for some 
> attendees.
> Barbara
> On 2-Oct-07, at 7:04 PM, Paul Zablosky wrote:
>> I see that Barbara has put a query onto the unconference planning 
>> pages about the duration
>> of the U-Camp. 
>> I'll be on the planning call on Friday and discuss this with the 
>> conference committee.
>> Paul
>> Colin Clark wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> Glad to hear the discussion starting up about the U-Camp for JA-SIG's 
>>> unconference. I'm really looking forward to helping with it
>>> The unconference is a fairly short event (just three days long) so we 
>>> should probably count on only a 1/2 day for the U-Camp unless there's a 
>>> lot of popular demand.
>>> Paul, perhaps you can confirm with the conference committee this week 
>>> that the expectation is a 1/2 day for the U-Camp?
>>> Colin
>>> Barbara Glover wrote:
>>>> Hi Daphne
>>>> That's a good question that we should consider, what the goal of this 
>>>> U-Camp should be.  
>>>> Since I haven't been involved in prior ones, I'm not sure if the 
>>>> developers attending this UCamp would have also attended those other 
>>>> UCamps?  If so, then perhaps we should include more concrete examples of 
>>>> how we can help them out specifically with involving more UCD into their 
>>>> design issues.  If most are new to UCD though, then maybe we could do a 
>>>> combination?  
>>>> Perhaps with a full day we can accommodate both approaches?
>>>> Barbara
>>>> On 2-Oct-07, at 2:32 PM, Daphne Ogle wrote:
>>>>> The topics Gary outlines are similar to what's been presented at the 
>>>>> Sakai uCamp's previously.  Are we hoping to give developer's tips for 
>>>>> creating better experiences, growing the design expertise of design 
>>>>> community, moving design and development of some aspect of uPortal 
>>>>> forward, other, some of each?   Yes, you can see where I'm going with 
>>>>> this...what's the goal? :)
>>>>> -Daphne
>>>>> On Oct 2, 2007, at 7:54 AM, Barbara Glover wrote:
>>>>>> Hi Gary
>>>>>> I think those look like excellent topics and are well organized in 
>>>>>> flow.  It would be great if you want to present one or more.  Let's 
>>>>>> see what others might also want to do and we can start putting a 
>>>>>> schedule together.
>>>>>> If there's a lot of interest, perhaps we could have a full day?  I 
>>>>>> like the idea of hands-on exercises as that reinforces the concepts 
>>>>>> for people.
>>>>>> cheers
>>>>>> Barbara
>>>>>> On 1-Oct-07, at 5:21 PM, Gary Thompson wrote:
>>>>>>> Barbara,
>>>>>>> I plan to be involved.  The Sakai folks probably have a better 
>>>>>>> defined u-camp, but I have presented a half-day seminar entitled 
>>>>>>> _User-Centered Design: The Key to Adoption_ at the last two uPortal 
>>>>>>> conferences.
>>>>>>> The Synopsis:
>>>>>>> This session will outline the user-centered design process and how 
>>>>>>> it can be utilized at your institution to create a portal that gets 
>>>>>>> adopted. We'll define design and discuss where it fits in the 
>>>>>>> overall development process. We'll cover the main steps of the 
>>>>>>> user-centered design process: user research, user profiling, user 
>>>>>>> scenarios, design concepts, and user testing. At each step, we'll 
>>>>>>> engage in exciting, hands-on activities that you can take home and 
>>>>>>> implement in your portal project.
>>>>>>> The Outline:
>>>>>>>    *  Introduction - design defined (30 mins)
>>>>>>>    * UCD Process - designing for adoption (90 mins)
>>>>>>>          o User research (30 mins)
>>>>>>>          o User profiling (30 mins)
>>>>>>>          o User scenarios (30 mins)
>>>>>>>    * Session break (15 mins)
>>>>>>>    * UCD Process - designing for adoption (continued, 60 mins)
>>>>>>>          o Design concepts (30 mins)
>>>>>>>          o User testing (30 mins)
>>>>>>>    * Conclusion - how to take it home (20 mins)
>>>>>>>    * Q&A (15 mins)
>>>>>>> I think both Paul and Colin have attended the seminar.  I would be 
>>>>>>> willing to present and/or lead discussion around any of these topics.
>>>>>>> Gary
>>>>>>> Barbara Glover wrote:
>>>>>>>> Hi all,
>>>>>>>> The JA-Sig unconference is coming up November 12-16 at Rutgers in 
>>>>>>>> New Jersey.  A 1/2 day u-camp is planned for early in the week 
>>>>>>>> (Monday or Tuesday).  Currently there are no discussion topics 
>>>>>>>> selected.  Colin has asked me to put together a program for the 
>>>>>>>> u-camp.  I'd like to get others involved and see what you think 
>>>>>>>> should be discussed.
>>>>>>>> Let me know who is interested and we can then schedule a meeting on 
>>>>>>>> Breeze later this week to discuss further.
>>>>>>>> Also if there are any examples of past U-camps, please let me know 
>>>>>>>> as well.
>>>>>>>> thanks,
>>>>>>>> Barbara
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