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I know I am totally new and just a volunteer, but I'd like to throw out
my thoughts on the different wiki options. 

I'd suggest that the goals of the fluid project have some influence over
the design that is chosen. Certainly left nav is a strong pattern in how
websites are used, however, if the goal is to develop a community of
practice encouraging participation of the members, the classic wiki
style may be a better choice. The classic style is becoming quite
mainstream with wikipedia's popularity and has a strong affordance for
enabling users to edit the site and feel a group ownership for the site.
>From a practical standpoint the left nav option changes the wiki into
much more of a traditional website as there is little affordance for the
new user to directly interact with the content. If the goal of the fluid
project is to produce a traditional website, the left nav is probably
better. If the end goal is to create a wiki, I'd suggest that the
classic style would be better.

Thoughts on these ideas?



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Theoretically.  I edited the color scheme for the navigation, but it
seems to have only partially taken.  The navigation text should be dark
grey, but for some reason it does not seem to have changed.  Looking
into it...


Daphne Ogle wrote:
> Ditto!  Looks great and I really like the left navigation.  
> One request... anyway to increase the contrast of the left nav?  The 
> white text on light grey background is hard on my old eyes :)
> -Daphne
> On Oct 3, 2007, at 10:29 AM, Moore, Kathleen E wrote:
>> I love what Gary is doing, but could we make the logo a little
>> Its size makes the left-hand column take up more space than seems 
>> ideal--or is that also out-of-the-box?
>> Kathy
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>> +1 from my perspective as well. However:
>> It would be nice if that was an out-of-the-box option.  From what I 
>> can tell, there two themes that ship with Confluence: 1) the default 
>> theme that we had been using with the actions at the top, and 2) the 
>> left-column navigation theme that I switched to.  It seems that there

>> are no easy options to specify where the page actions are located; in

>> the left-navigation theme, they are "hard-coded" to appear in the 
>> left column under the navigation.
>> A combination of the two would be ideal - left navigation with the 
>> page actions more prominent.  There may be other themes available 
>> from the Confluence community, and/or it is possible to make some 
>> edits to the theme and layout templates.  I'm trying to not go that 
>> route, however, and was hopeful to be able to make those changes 
>> through the standard administration interfaces.
>> Gary
>> Joseph Scheuhammer wrote:
>>> +1
>>> Colin wrote:
>>>> ... since these page operations are so common, perhaps we should 
>>>> put them somewhere a bit more prominent?
>> What
>>>> do others think?
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