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Colin Clark colin.clark at utoronto.ca
Tue Oct 2 21:42:40 UTC 2007

Hi all,

Glad to hear the discussion starting up about the U-Camp for JA-SIG's 
unconference. I'm really looking forward to helping with it

The unconference is a fairly short event (just three days long) so we 
should probably count on only a 1/2 day for the U-Camp unless there's a 
lot of popular demand.

Paul, perhaps you can confirm with the conference committee this week 
that the expectation is a 1/2 day for the U-Camp?


Barbara Glover wrote:
> Hi Daphne
> That's a good question that we should consider, what the goal of this 
> U-Camp should be.  
> Since I haven't been involved in prior ones, I'm not sure if the 
> developers attending this UCamp would have also attended those other 
> UCamps?  If so, then perhaps we should include more concrete examples of 
> how we can help them out specifically with involving more UCD into their 
> design issues.  If most are new to UCD though, then maybe we could do a 
> combination?  
> Perhaps with a full day we can accommodate both approaches?
> Barbara
> On 2-Oct-07, at 2:32 PM, Daphne Ogle wrote:
>> The topics Gary outlines are similar to what's been presented at the 
>> Sakai uCamp's previously.  Are we hoping to give developer's tips for 
>> creating better experiences, growing the design expertise of design 
>> community, moving design and development of some aspect of uPortal 
>> forward, other, some of each?   Yes, you can see where I'm going with 
>> this...what's the goal? :)
>> -Daphne
>> On Oct 2, 2007, at 7:54 AM, Barbara Glover wrote:
>>> Hi Gary
>>> I think those look like excellent topics and are well organized in 
>>> flow.  It would be great if you want to present one or more.  Let's 
>>> see what others might also want to do and we can start putting a 
>>> schedule together.
>>> If there's a lot of interest, perhaps we could have a full day?  I 
>>> like the idea of hands-on exercises as that reinforces the concepts 
>>> for people.
>>> cheers
>>> Barbara
>>> On 1-Oct-07, at 5:21 PM, Gary Thompson wrote:
>>>> Barbara,
>>>> I plan to be involved.  The Sakai folks probably have a better 
>>>> defined u-camp, but I have presented a half-day seminar entitled 
>>>> _User-Centered Design: The Key to Adoption_ at the last two uPortal 
>>>> conferences.
>>>> The Synopsis:
>>>> This session will outline the user-centered design process and how 
>>>> it can be utilized at your institution to create a portal that gets 
>>>> adopted. We'll define design and discuss where it fits in the 
>>>> overall development process. We'll cover the main steps of the 
>>>> user-centered design process: user research, user profiling, user 
>>>> scenarios, design concepts, and user testing. At each step, we'll 
>>>> engage in exciting, hands-on activities that you can take home and 
>>>> implement in your portal project.
>>>> The Outline:
>>>>    *  Introduction - design defined (30 mins)
>>>>    * UCD Process - designing for adoption (90 mins)
>>>>          o User research (30 mins)
>>>>          o User profiling (30 mins)
>>>>          o User scenarios (30 mins)
>>>>    * Session break (15 mins)
>>>>    * UCD Process - designing for adoption (continued, 60 mins)
>>>>          o Design concepts (30 mins)
>>>>          o User testing (30 mins)
>>>>    * Conclusion - how to take it home (20 mins)
>>>>    * Q&A (15 mins)
>>>> I think both Paul and Colin have attended the seminar.  I would be 
>>>> willing to present and/or lead discussion around any of these topics.
>>>> Gary
>>>> Barbara Glover wrote:
>>>>> Hi all,
>>>>> The JA-Sig unconference is coming up November 12-16 at Rutgers in 
>>>>> New Jersey.  A 1/2 day u-camp is planned for early in the week 
>>>>> (Monday or Tuesday).  Currently there are no discussion topics 
>>>>> selected.  Colin has asked me to put together a program for the 
>>>>> u-camp.  I'd like to get others involved and see what you think 
>>>>> should be discussed.
>>>>> Let me know who is interested and we can then schedule a meeting on 
>>>>> Breeze later this week to discuss further.
>>>>> Also if there are any examples of past U-camps, please let me know 
>>>>> as well.
>>>>> thanks,
>>>>> Barbara
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