UX Walk-through meetings?

Daphne Ogle daphne at media.berkeley.edu
Tue Oct 2 20:52:04 UTC 2007

I haven't had a chance to update the pages since the summit.  I'll do  
that today.

Yes, we should still be moving the walkthroughs forward.  In fact,  
the roadmap for that should probably be an agenda item for the next  
meeting.  The next full group meeting would be scheduled for a week  
from Friday, October 12, staying with the same schedule.  As soon as  
I figure out how to update the wiki I'll change it.

I think I'll cancel the Sakai meetings until after we all regroup on  
the 12th.  I'll let Paul decide what to do with the uPortal meetings.


On Oct 2, 2007, at 8:34 AM, Barbara Glover wrote:

> Hi all,
> I've noticed on the wiki that the Walk-through meetings are still
> listed as their next meeting (from 2 weeks ago).  Does anyone know if
> we are still planning on having these meetings?  And if so when?
> Currently we have:
> Sakai - at Thursdays
> uPortal - TBD
> general UX walk-through - every other Friday
> Just wondering as my understanding from the Summit was that we were
> still doing the walk throughs.
> thanks,
> Barbara
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