RSS in confluence

Gary Thompson gary at
Tue Oct 2 15:33:22 UTC 2007


Yes, anyone can add rss feeds on any page.  My one caution is that it 
tends to slow down the page load with every rss added.  The basic syntax is:


Where you replace "puturlhere" with the "http://" location. You can also 


to just get a list of the titles. Otherwise, it will display title and 
excerpt. For more information, you can reference the Full Notation Guide 
(, which is in 
the right hand column under Notation Help when editing any wiki page.  
You could also search the Atlassian Confluence site:


Barbara Glover wrote:
> Hi Gary
> I've noticed that you have added RSS "portlets/sections" to some pages 
> in the Fluid wiki?  Is this something everyone can do?  I looked 
> briefly at your markup code and there seems to be an "RSS" tag.
> Do you know of any recommendations for learning more about this?
> thanks
> Barbara

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