JA-Sig U-camp

Gary Thompson gary at unicon.net
Mon Oct 1 21:21:50 UTC 2007


I plan to be involved.  The Sakai folks probably have a better defined 
u-camp, but I have presented a half-day seminar entitled _User-Centered 
Design: The Key to Adoption_ at the last two uPortal conferences.

The Synopsis:
This session will outline the user-centered design process and how it 
can be utilized at your institution to create a portal that gets 
adopted. We'll define design and discuss where it fits in the overall 
development process. We'll cover the main steps of the user-centered 
design process: user research, user profiling, user scenarios, design 
concepts, and user testing. At each step, we'll engage in exciting, 
hands-on activities that you can take home and implement in your portal 

The Outline:
    *  Introduction - design defined (30 mins)
    * UCD Process - designing for adoption (90 mins)
          o User research (30 mins)
          o User profiling (30 mins)
          o User scenarios (30 mins)
    * Session break (15 mins)
    * UCD Process - designing for adoption (continued, 60 mins)
          o Design concepts (30 mins)
          o User testing (30 mins)
    * Conclusion - how to take it home (20 mins)
    * Q&A (15 mins)

I think both Paul and Colin have attended the seminar.  I would be 
willing to present and/or lead discussion around any of these topics.


Barbara Glover wrote:
> Hi all,
> The JA-Sig unconference is coming up November 12-16 at Rutgers in New 
> Jersey.  A 1/2 day u-camp is planned for early in the week (Monday or 
> Tuesday).  Currently there are no discussion topics selected.  Colin 
> has asked me to put together a program for the u-camp.  I'd like to 
> get others involved and see what you think should be discussed.
> Let me know who is interested and we can then schedule a meeting on 
> Breeze later this week to discuss further.
> Also if there are any examples of past U-camps, please let me know as 
> well.
> thanks,
> Barbara

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