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Fri Nov 30 19:30:48 UTC 2007

Though I put in no labels for navigation purposes, I did put the  
content for the layer next to the Hide/Show controller remembering  
some accessibility advice about that awhile ago. Then the screen  
reader (I know, just one modality) would get the content inline, right?

[adding accessibility list, for reference:
 > The mockups are here:


On Nov 30, 2007, at 9:15 AM, Colin Clark wrote:

> Adam,
> Adam Marshall wrote:
>> .... and ensure everything works when JavaScript has been disabled?
> Good point. While I think graceful degradation is a very useful  
> technique for backwards compatibility, the argument about turning  
> off JavaScript for accessibility reasons is dated and inaccurate at  
> this point.
> WCAG 1.0 was written back in the late '90s, when certain screen  
> readers had trouble with certain types of scripts. For years now,  
> this incompatibility has been resolved.
> If done right, and carefully marked up with additional semantics  
> such as those in the Accessible Rich Internet Applications spec, I  
> think DHTML will make Web applications more accessible than ever. We  
> have to be very careful to think of keyboard accessibility, flexible  
> layouts, high contrast styles, and live regions. But it's very  
> possible to make fully accessible JavaScript user interfaces. In  
> fact Fluid is specifically pursuing this approach, building  
> components and a framework that make it easier to build accessible  
> We shouldn't let WCAG 1.0's dated requirements stop us from using  
> JavaScript. We just have to do it right. I've written a checklist  
> for developers, providing an overview of DHTML techniques:
> Colin
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