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| Adam,
| Good comments.
| Adam Marshall wrote:
| > 1/ It would be better if the 'Full description show/hide' didn't open a
| > pop-up 'window' but placed the text in line - this would make things
| more
| > accessible.
| I'm still on the fence about showing this information in a layer above
| the page, but I'm confident it can be made accessible. I'm glad you
| pointed it out--we have to be really careful to do the right thing with
| DHTML to make it accessible. 

.... and ensure everything works when JavaScript has been disabled?


But on the other hand, there are viable
| techniques and we should use them and embrace more dynamic
| JavaScript-based interfaces for their potential to make things *more*
| accessible.
| Michelle D'Souza and I are giving a talk about this and other good DHTML
| techniques at the conference. Hope you can make it.
| I'll do my best to do a bit of accessibility testing of Marc's design
| when I get to Newport Beach this weekend.
| Colin
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