Membership Tool design meeting

Colin Clark colin.clark at
Fri Nov 30 16:34:50 UTC 2007


Good comments.

Adam Marshall wrote:
> 1/ It would be better if the 'Full description show/hide' didn't open a
> pop-up 'window' but placed the text in line - this would make things more
> accessible.

I'm still on the fence about showing this information in a layer above 
the page, but I'm confident it can be made accessible. I'm glad you 
pointed it out--we have to be really careful to do the right thing with 
DHTML to make it accessible. But on the other hand, there are viable 
techniques and we should use them and embrace more dynamic 
JavaScript-based interfaces for their potential to make things *more* 

Michelle D'Souza and I are giving a talk about this and other good DHTML 
techniques at the conference. Hope you can make it.

I'll do my best to do a bit of accessibility testing of Marc's design 
when I get to Newport Beach this weekend.


Colin Clark
Technical Lead, Fluid Project
Adaptive Technology Resource Centre, University of Toronto

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