no functional spec... gasp!

Sean Keesler smkeesle at
Fri Nov 30 10:56:24 UTC 2007

Being a somewhat visual thinker, I can appreciate the idea of using a UI
design as a tool for helping communicate the functional spec to developers.
However, I think that it makes sense to use other modeling techniques in a
similar way to keep the conversation going between developers and designers.
A state diagram, decision table and/or data models are useful techniques
that can help to bridge the gap between concept and code. I can often say a
lot more with a quick diagram than I can with text and I have had some great
conversations with our developers with "traditional" modeling tools.

I wouldn't advocate for creating extensive design documentation as a
required deliverable before moving into coding, but when it works as a
communication tool between willing parties, it sure helps.

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On 11/30/07 3:04 AM, "Marc Brierley" <brierley at> wrote:

> Here's an interesting article I found when I googled on "annotate html
> mockups":
> es_inline.php
> but it led me to this:
> no functional spec... gasp!
> Actually, 37signals whole philosophy is pretty much a vector on
> traditional software development:
> Hmm, why do I like this?
> -mARC
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