Membership Tool design meeting

Marc Brierley brierley at
Thu Nov 29 08:50:31 UTC 2007

The mockups are here:

Below are the design goals for the Membership tool I've coalesced from  
the U-Camp planning phone calls as well as from Stanford users then  
tried to address in the design:

- Improve initial "My Current Sites" listing
	-current default is all sites, maybe it should be current term list/ 
view, so active sites are immediately available.
	-include other columns for more sorting (e.g. term)
	-ordering is currently alphanumeric order, ensuring that oldest   
sites show at top of list, something better? (This seems to be a  
Stanford problem since we prepend site titles with term info like "F07")
	-course title (short description) would be better as the default   
Description, maybe with an option to see the full description so the  
list doesn't become unwieldy with large homepage descriptions.

- Better search-ability for "Joinable Sites" page
	- Better searchability should include more robust search engine,  but  
also a way to find cross-listings that are not in the original site ID  
(searching rosters, perhaps?) and maybe organization by department/ 
subject for browsability
	- possibly this is a separate project if it requires algorythm work  
(ie. separate from facelift)
	- better display of remove or pull in better info (e.g. short  
description) in the description column
	- include all sites, even if they aren't joinable

- include an all sites view, not just joinable

- Maybe: Better/more intuitive name for tool or better placement so  
users know this is where to browse/join sites
- out of scope: examine the differences/combinability with Worksite  
Set-up and/or Search Sites. Seems like there's more overlap between   
Membership and Search Sites than there is between Membership and WSS.

The dial-in number is below. If we desire show and tell, I'll share my  
screen via Adobe Connect (aka Breeze):
Login as guest with just your name.

Talk to you soon!

On Nov 27, 2007, at 1:06 PM, Barbara Glover wrote:

> Hi Marc
> Membership Tool design meeting is at Thursday, Nov 29 at 9am PST/  
> 12pm EST for all interested people.
> I think the plan is to use the following for the meeting:
> Sakai002
> Conference Code: 350
> PIN: 72524
> Telephone: 812-856-7060
> thanks
> Barbara
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