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Thu Nov 29 03:36:48 UTC 2007

I wouldn't call myself a whiz, but can definitely do HTML/CSS/ 
Javascript. Just may be slower than Eli & Shaw-Han since I'm a bit  
out of practice. :) Depending on how the planning goes I may be  
allocated to other activities, but I can certainly help out in a pinch.

On a related note, Eli I'm also interested in your BOF on Javascript.  
I'm most interested to learn about the different frameworks and the  
trade-offs folks have encountered with using them. Javascript best  
practices would also be interesting!

On Nov 27, 2007, at 2:49 PM, Colin Clark wrote:

> Hi Barbara and everyone,
> It looks like the U-Camp is shaping up to be a really interesting  
> event! I've signed myself up for a Lightning Talk, though I'm still  
> mulling over the details.
> Barbara Glover wrote:
>> * Barbara will contact Aaron about expected format of designs,  
>> html? wireframes in photoshop/omnigraphe?
> One thought about this: it would be great to identify people who  
> are good at HTML/CSS and visual design for the sprint in the  
> afternoon. That way, regardless of the format of the designs, we  
> can work with people who can help translate the designs into great  
> web pages.
> Unfortunately Shaw-Han Liem from U of T isn't able to join us, but  
> I know Eli Cochran from UCB will be at the conference. He's a  
> markup whiz. Are there any other HTML/CSS gurus who are planning to  
> attend the conference and are willing to help out during the sprint?
> Colin
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