UX Toolkit: Drag and Drop Design Pattern

Barbara Glover barbara.glover at utoronto.ca
Wed Nov 28 19:29:38 UTC 2007

Hi Allison and Shaw-Han
This looks really good!

Here are a few comments.
Accessibility section:

General comment: you have each bulleted point underlined which makes  
it look like a link when in fact it isn't one.  Confusing for readers.

     *  Provide keyboard-only equivalents of mouse-based actions.  
Keyboard accessibility can be facilitated by providing keyboard-only  
equivalents of "drag and drop" functionality. Suggested keystrokes  
are included in the chart above.
** comment: there is no chart above this paragraph

     * Describe how the feature works using the keyboard. A  
description of how the drag and drop operation works with the  
keyboard should be provided, i.e., "After selecting the object using  
the tab key, move the object by pressing 'Control' in combination  
with the relevant arrow key." Ideally, this information will be  
visible to all users, so that persons who are sighted but don't use a  
mouse will also benefit.
** comment: in email exchange today it seemed to me that you've come  
to conclusion for keyboard access that the red bar would move when  
the ctrl key is held down with arrow key.  Should this be included in  
the text here in that paragraph?


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