Sakai UCamp - Lightning Talks

Barbara Glover barbara.glover at
Wed Nov 28 16:34:35 UTC 2007

>> Hi all,
>> The Sakai UCamp is fast approaching!  It looks like its going to  
>> be a great experience.
>> I'd like to encourage you all to sign up for the UCamp if you  
>> haven't already.

>> And also to signup for Lightning talks or share what topics would  
>> interest you.

>> Lightning Talks are very short even just 5 minutes and require no  
>> slides unless you want them.  Lightning Talks are a really fun way  
>> to open up the dialogue for the UCamp and get everyone involved  
>> and make things more interactive, fun and participatory.
>> Just tell the group about:
>> - the latest projects you are working on,
>> - an area of Sakai you find troublesome and why,
>> - ideas for improvements to Sakai,
>> - new tools for Sakai,
>> - any User Experience technique you've found really helpful in  
>> your work
>> - any User Experience technique you'd like to learn more about
>> - anything you feel like sharing with the group
>> Thanks in advance and feel free if you decide on the last minute  
>> to do a Lightning Talk as well.
>> thanks
>> Barbara

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