[Release Manager] Support for maven 1 builds?

Joseph Scheuhammer clown at utoronto.ca
Thu Nov 22 15:48:32 UTC 2007

> I'm not sure you want to get rid of Maven 1 support too quickly, if you
> want to keep it easy for folks using Image Gallery in Sakai to try it
> out or use it in production in their deployments.  Sakai 2.5 and beyond
> are Maven 2, however, most folks are going to be running Sakai 2.4,
> which is Maven 1, through April/May of next year.
Having a timeline for support for maven 1 builds is good.  Thanks for 
the suggestion.

I said:
> if someone in the community wants to take on the responsibility of 
> maintaining the maven 1 builds [with respect to fluid project 
> components], that would change my mind.
Another thing that would change my mind is if the image gallery tool 
continues to support maven 1 builds, since it uses the fluid lightbox 
component.  Then, we should continue to maintain the fluid maven 1 
build.  But, in that case, these builds are being *maintained* for Sakai 
2.4, and are not *deprecated*.


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