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Allison Bloodworth abloodworth at
Tue Nov 20 00:29:50 UTC 2007

Hi everyone,

It was so great seeing you all at the uPortal unconference in New  
Brunswick! It was especially nice to see some familiar faces from my  
past uPortal work, and I look forward to re-establishing connections  
with those folks as well as getting to know the many other people I met.

As you could probably tell if you talked to me (or heard me talk) at  
the conference, I'm very excited about user interface design  
patterns. :) I'm really looking forward to working with other folks  
in the uPortal community who are interested in developing an open  
source design pattern library, or just working on a pattern or two  
when you have the time. The group could identify patterns we've see  
across uPortal (as the Sakai community has already done  
display/DESPAT/Library), as well as think about patterns we'd like to  
promote across Fluid applications (e.g. uPortal, Sakai, Kuali  
Student, Moodle). I will be starting up a group to discuss design  
patterns for these applications soon (after the upcoming Sakai &  
Kuali conferences...which may push this out to happen after the  
holidays). If you would like to participate in, or just be informed  
about what's going on with Fluid's design patterns work, email me and/ 
or sign up for the fluid-work mailing list (see http:// We are  
hoping that Fluid can help plant the seeds to generate a sustainable  
uPortal community interested in user experience and accessibility  
which will continue long after the Fluid grant expires....but to do  
that we need your help, and this work is one great way to get  
involved. :)

You can find information we've collected on design patterns and  
design pattern libraries on the Fluid wiki: http:// There are lots  
of interesting links there (feel free to ask me if you'd like to know  
which ones to explore!), as well as a longer presentation I gave on  
Design Patterns at the September Fluid Summit. There is also a  
proposal for an Open Source Design Pattern Library there (http:// 
+Proposal), on which I'd love to have your feedback. Finally, if  
you'd like to get immediately involved with any of the work Fluid is  
doing on design patterns, you can sign up for one of the working  
groups on the main design patterns wiki page, or check out our  
Project Plan ( 
+Patterns+Project+Plan) for more detail.

I also posted the slides from my design patterns lightning talk as  
well as those from my "Introduction to UCD"  presentation with Gary  
Thompson on the Winter 2007 UnConference Talks & Schedules page: Feel  
free to contact me with any questions or comments!

I look forward to working with many of you again soon,

Allison Bloodworth
Senior User Interaction Designer
Educational Technology Services
University of California, Berkeley
(415) 377-8243
abloodworth at

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