(Profile, Preferences, Account) UCamp Update

David Horwitz david.horwitz at uct.ac.za
Sun Nov 18 07:22:57 UTC 2007

Hi All,

We submitted some improvements to the profile tool which will go some 
way to addressing this problem.  These changes are described here: 
So basically as of Sakai 2.5 your will be able to set a sakai property 
that when a user updates their profile their sakai account is also 
updated. This means we can remove the account tool for users who's 
passwords are not managed within Sakai (i.e. all except guest accounts)

On the wider issue we differ quite strongly from some of the other Sakai 
schools that we believe that it is quite important that users can choose 
how their known in social learning contexts. We document this here: 
Often what a student is know as by the SIS, while appropriate for their 
transcripts/degree certificates is not appropriate for a social learning 
context. I think we have been underutilizing some of the architecture 
that underlies profile - Sakaiperson so that we can distinguish between 
"prefered names" in some context (discussion, chat etc) and 
authoritative names in others (grading, testing reporting)

My early Sunday morning 2c worth :-)



tcollins at uwindsor.ca wrote:
> Although I (as a rule absolutely agree with my friend and colleague Vivie -
> I must offer our UW's take on this issue/Concept)...
> I can and have seen the need for both of the available Profile areas...
> What would be absolutely awesome is if there were another (over-riding)
> profile tool which would / could be used by both.
> It is my belief that either one of the currently available tools offering
> Profiles should be able offer/set it's self as a master profile -- this
> would be the best solution....
> But as Vivie suggests,
> Please do not enforce any given constraints/restraints over known
> installations!
> At UW, our users cannot and simply will not be able to change their email /
> passwords within our Sakai Instance (CLEW).
> Our email accounts; which are and will continue to be determined by our
> LDAP system are not available for change.
> They are set in stone until notified otherwise (which doesn't occur
> often)..
> Our users can not and will not be able to change their email addresses (all
> email must use a valid UW email account (I would imagine that a time in the
> future a time may come which will allow our users to be able to reset their
> pw's within our Sakai instance (CLEW:  even if not available now).
> Just my very obviously biased 2 cents plus the Canadian version of such --
> hehe
> Take Care,
> Terry Collins
> LMS Administrator (CLEW)
> Centre for Teaching & Learning
> o: 2109 Lambton Tower
> e: tcollins at uwindsor.ca
> f: 519-971-3693
> p: 519-253-3000 x.4836
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