[Release Manager] Support for maven 1 builds?

Joseph Scheuhammer clown at utoronto.ca
Fri Nov 16 15:28:43 UTC 2007

To all who could answer these questions (most likely the fluid team here 
at UofT, and the image gallery team at UCB, and, of course, Antranig),

The fluid-components project has a maven 1 project file suggesting that 
we support maven 1 builds.  But, it looks rather old and I haven't done 
a maven 1 build in months.  That suggests is deadwood.

However...there is a dependency between the Lightbox and Sakai's image 
gallery tool.  The latter also has a maven 1 project file.  Again, 
however, it hasn't been modifed since last June -- I can't tell if it's 

Does the image-gallery tool support maven 1 builds?

Even if it doesn't, is there any reason for fluid to support maven 1 builds?



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