[Release Manager] API freeze for Reorderer

Joseph Scheuhammer clown at utoronto.ca
Mon Nov 12 19:34:48 UTC 2007


The Fluid 0.1 release approaches.  As release manager, I would like to 
impose a freeze on the API for the Reorderer and Lightbox soon; ideally, 
by the end of today (Mon Nov 12).

An API freeze means that we are not changing the contracts between the 
Reorderer /Lightbox and any clients.  Any such changes would happen 
after the release.

This is *not* a code freeze in the sense that we are disallowing any 
changes to the code, quite the contrary.  There are a number of issues 
and bugs that we wish to resolve for this release.  Committing fixes to 
our source code repository for these is very much desirable (if not 
imperative).  Thus, changes that squash these bugs are welcome.  The 
current list of relevant bugs is at the bottom of the following document:

If anyone objects to the timing of the API freeze, please speak up.  
Silence will be taken as acceptance.


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