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Wed Nov 7 20:56:01 UTC 2007

Hi all,
We've had some really great brainstorming ideas for the Sakai UCamp  
which I'm listing below.  If you have any to add, please either reply  
to this email or add them to the wiki page which I'll be updating  
later today.

Next Meeting:  Thursday, November 15th.  Time TBD - see upcoming emails.

Proposed Format for UCamp:
- morning - Design talks around UCD ideas (see list below)
- afternoon - Design + Developer collaboration on a project (Sprint  

UCD Topics for Potential Talks/Workshops:
* "How to do a UX Walkthrough"
* How to do a Contexual Inquiry
* How to test with users
     - mock user test ala unconference
* Skinning
* How to use UI Design Patterns
* Accessibility
* UCD Techniques
     - competitive analysis
     - heuristic evaluations
     - user needs assessment: based on talk that Daphne, Allison, and  
Ian gave
     - prototype/usability testing
* Personas
     -workshop on personas:
    - mock user research, create draft personas exercise
* Tips for Developers
* How scenarios enable requirements
* Agile Design Philosophies

Design + Developer Collaboration (Sprint project)
When proposing suggestions, please keep these ideas in mind since  
we'll have a limited time during the Sprint (4 hours)
-Small enough that we can do the design in the next few weeks.
-Design well enough understood to start implementing but not fully  
defined so questions arise around trade-offs and challenges that  
designers and developers can work through together.

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