[uportal-dev] Questions regarding uPortal portlet moveability and precedence

Anastasia Cheetham a.cheetham at utoronto.ca
Tue Nov 6 16:14:48 UTC 2007

Eric, thanks for your answers to our questions. This really helps us  
to understand how the valid and invalid drop targets in the example  
were determined.

> 2. Precedence is only useful when deciding if a movable portlet can  
> be moved above an immovable portlet. If both portlets are marked  
> movable precedence doesn't matter.

Ok. So then in the example on the wiki (http://wiki.fluidproject.org/ 
x/FAka), p3 can't be moved above p1 only because of the presence of  
p2, which is immovable and of higher precendence - is that right? If  
the immovable portlet wasn't there, then p3 could be moved above p1?

> And the grand summary of all of this is the reorderer shouldn't  
> care about any of it. The goal with the JSON objects is to hide  
> 100% of this logic and just describe the general structure of the  
> objects the reorderer will be working with and where each object  
> can be moved to.

Yes, we do understand that. But having an understanding of how things  
work will help us to develop appropriate test cases and generate the  
associated test data, among other things. Having an understanding of  
how portlets are allowed (and not allowed) to move around helps us to  
define intelligent default movement behaviour.

And I just like to understand how things work :-)

Again, thanks for your clarifications.

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