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Marc Brierley brierley at stanford.edu
Fri Nov 2 03:51:03 UTC 2007

Hi Allison,

On Oct 29, 2007, at 5:27 PM, Allison Bloodworth wrote:

> The work of these groups will help inform a proposal for the Fluid  
> Design Patterns Library. I am working on some initial ideas for  
> this which I will post on the wiki page and email out shortly. This  
> is partially in response to discussion about how the Sakai and  
> Fluid Design Pattern libraries will relate to each other which  
> happened on today's Sakai UI discussion group's call.  I would like  
> to use these ideas to start a group discussion, the end goal of  
> which will be to reach a shared understanding about the goals and  
> strategies of the Fluid Design Patterns Library. I'll suggest a  
> date and time for this discussion when I sent out these initial  
> ideas--if you know you would like to attend this meeting and have  
> constraints you'd like me to keep in mind, just let me know.

I'd like to attend. Maybe you could put out a couple time/date  
options or commandeer another regularly scheduled meeting?
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