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Mike, this is totally cool! I made a couple little formatting/linking  
edits. I've always wanted to know what I should really be checking in  
JAWS, and the information on what to check in the AIS or  
Accessibility Extension Toolbar is also fantastic to have.

In re: to the Simple Accessibility Walkthrough Protocol, is there an  
alternate way someone on a Mac can perform "Step 4: Use Internet  
Explorer (6 or 7) to check for alternative text for all images and  
title text for links"? Even though it wouldn't be "simple", do we  
want to point Mac users to the appropriate part of the http:// 
+Evaluation+Protocol+for+Macintosh for this info?

This is coming from a new Mac user who is still trying to get  
understand exactly what I can't do without PC! :)


On Oct 30, 2007, at 9:11 AM, Colin Clark wrote:

> Hi Mike,
> Good point. Would it help to create a main page that describes the
> accessibility evaluation process and the goals of each version, with
> links to each detailed page?
> Colin
> Michael S Elledge wrote:
>> That's a perfectly reasonable idea that crossed my mind as well;  
>> my only
>> concern is that no one will ever look at (or perform) the  
>> comprehensive
>> evaluation...
>> Mike
>> Colin Clark wrote:
>>> Hi Mike,
>>> This looks really great! Should we split the simple and  
>>> comprehensive
>>> evaluation protocols into two separate pages? This might make it  
>>> a bit
>>> easier to read and digest. Thoughts?
>>> Colin
>>> Michael S Elledge wrote:
>>>> Here's the url:
>>>> Hi Everyone--
>>>> I've done some major revisions to the protocols for accessibility
>>>> testing in advance of my talk and workshop at York this  
>>>> Thursday. I've
>>>> even created a separate protocol for those of you who INSIST on  
>>>> using a
>>>> Macintosh. :-)
>>>> It would be great to have feedback if any of you have a spare  
>>>> minute.
>>>> Thanks....
>>>> Mike
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