Styling form controls

Shaw-Han Liem shawhan.liem at
Mon May 28 14:09:17 UTC 2007

Hi Carl,

Thanks for sending the article, a lot of interesting points in there. I 
think the key thing for us will be to determine which browser/OS 
rendered widgets (i.e. generic form controls) are useful for us in terms 
of extending for use in FLUID, but I do agree that it is probably futile 
at this point to try and extend them beyond what CSS allows.

One solution, which we've seen in Dojo so far, is to create 
DHTML/Javascript alternatives for generic widgets (i.e. the Dojo 
'Combobox', which is an extension of the Selectbox that has been 
completely re-engineered to be independent of the browser/OS). This type 
of approach would allow us to use current CSS functionality to apply 
styles across browsers and platforms, at least in some of our early tests.



Carl Forde wrote:
> I've often been annoyed at the form control differences between browsers, but I hadn't given the matter much thought. Eric Meyer dives in and explains some of the implications involved in styling form controls:

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