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Herb Wideman herb at
Fri May 25 21:42:15 UTC 2007

Hello all,

We've added a new section to the wiki for the collection of any 
documents or links you feel might be helpful to the Fluid community in 
whole or part. We'd like to build up a (semi-)permanent knowledge 
repository that can serve as a source for two types of information: 
specialized task-related knowledge that has direct relevance for Fluid 
work beyond one specific element or component of the project; and 
introductory/overview materials that can promote a cross-disciplinary 
transfer of knowledge among community members that might make our 
collective work more productive (for example, helping those with less 
technical backgrounds better understand the processes and tools involved 
in designing and building Fluid components so they have a better sense 
of what is feasible in user interface design).

We'd like you to take a look at any resources you have on hand and 
contribute what you can (including links previously sent out to the 
mailing lists) to the new repository at:


Herb Wideman

Senior Researcher
Institute for Research on Learning Technologies
York University

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