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Daphne Ogle daphne at
Fri May 25 19:12:20 UTC 2007

Hi all,

It was great to see so much interest and attendance in the Fluid  
Inspection work.  Thanks to all that attended!  For those that  
weren't able to make it, you can catch the recorded session at:

Updates based on the meeting below...

1) During today's meeting several very good ideas came up around  
future Lightbox and/or Image Gallery (the tool lightbox will be  
implemented in) work.  I want to make sure we don't lose these ideas  
so I've created a "Parking Lot" in the Lightbox space on confluence  
to capture these ideas, 

2) One protocol 'to do' we still need agreement on in the larger  
group is our report template.  I've posted an example of one I've  
used in the past, 
+Inspection+Report+Template.  Perhaps others can post reports they've  
found useful and we can continue conversation around this on the  
wiki?  I see a couple of high level goals for the template for us to  
keep in mind:  1)  Succinct easy to understand report for sharing  
findings with the community,  2)  Systematic reporting from  
individual evaluators and the ease of bringing the team's findings  
back together in one report (comparing issues and priority across  
evaluators to consensus for the for final report for instance).   

3) We decided subgroups will begin meeting and moving the inspections  
forward for each application.  I created blank pages for each of the  
inspection subgroups linked off the main inspection page, http:// 
28a.k.a.+Heuristic+Evaluations%29.  I'm looking forward to  us  
beginning to fill them up with the good work we're doing.   
Coordinators will be organizing discussions soon.  If you want to get  
involved and haven't signed up for subgroup yet, you can add your  
name to any or all lists at 
29.  Just edit the wiki page directly.

And lastly, we talked about the need for a scribe at these bi-weekly  
meetings.  A rotation was suggested.  I'll put together a list of  
people that have attended the previous 2 meetings and post with the  
next meeting announcement.  We'll rotate alphabetically. And if  
someone isn't in attendance we'll go to the next person.   And just a  
reminder that It's never too early to post agenda items for the next  
meeting.  It is posted now with a couple of items.  I want to  
encourage everyone to help create those discussions.  If the agenda  
gets to long we'll simply move items to the next meeting.

Daphne Ogle
Senior Interaction Designer
University of California, Berkeley
Educational Technology Services
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