Tab and arrow keys in the Lightbox component

Colin Clark colin.clark at
Fri May 25 00:54:06 UTC 2007

Hi Herb,

Herb Wideman wrote:
> Richard, thank you for sending out that RIA/ARIA presentation - a very 
> useful introduction to the area for those of us new to accessibility 
> issues. Colin, would it be possible to put together a little resource 
> portal attached to the Fluid site/wiki for documents like this - it 
> would help those of us without a technical background get oriented to 
> different aspects of the group's work.

Sure, that sounds like a great idea. The wiki is publicly editable. Do 
you have time to take a first pass at setting up this resources page on 
the wiki? It probably makes sense to add it within the User Experience 
section of the site, but I'm open to your suggestions.


Colin Clark
Technical Lead, Fluid Project
Adaptive Technology Resource Centre, University of Toronto

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