Tab and arrow keys in the Lightbox component

David Bolter david.bolter at
Wed May 23 20:18:58 UTC 2007

Mark Norton wrote:
> Anastasia Cheetham wrote:
>> But the tab key currently doesn't move focus within the major areas 
>> inside the tool e.g. in the case of the Gallery, between the 
>> Collections list on the left and the photos on the right. We will need 
>> to address this somehow.
> Is this a browser function, or a matter of adding appropriate 
> Javascript?  I'm not sure I'd expect the focus to step down into an 
> iFrame from the browser window, unless the user selects an object in the 
> frame.

Anastasia, have you tried F6 on FireFox (for moving among the i/frames)?

Mark, I think the plan on FireFox is to remember the most recent caret 
position of each iframe and return the caret to that position when/if 
the frame gets focus again.

(see for more)


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