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Wed May 23 18:08:14 UTC 2007

Some of you may already be aware of  a couple of working name  
changes.   I want to be sure we don't confuse things with the new  
names so here's an update:

- The current component is newly named "Lightbox" for it's likeness  
to organizing images in the analog world on a lightbox (usually  
sitting in an image library).   We previously referred to it as the  
"Organize Images" component which we felt implied more than just  
moving thumbnails around and well...just doesn't roll off the  
tongue.  I've tried to update the wiki with the new name at least in  
the most obvious cases.  If you see the old name being used please  
update it with "Lightbox".

- The "Gallery" Tool is changing names to the "Image Gallery" tool.   
The Sakai Image Gallery tool will be the first home for the Lightbox  
component.   UCB originally chose the more generic name because we  
envisioned the long term scope of the tool incorporating various  
digital media types.  Although this still may be the case, we've  
decided to rename the tool to "Image Gallery" to more explicitly let  
users know what to expect from the tool now.  We'll worry about  
updating the name if/when the tool includes additional media types.   
In that case the new name will be another clue to users about the  
change in functionality.

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