FLUID Accessibility

Michael S Elledge elledge at msu.edu
Mon May 14 16:05:35 UTC 2007

Hi Everyone--

I think the idea of combining accessibility and heuristic reviews is a 
good one. It occurred to me that one of the templates we use for Sakai 
may be useful, in that it takes a non-technical look at web page 
accessibility, and could be combined fairly easily with a heuristic 
review. It includes a line for the results of a WAVE review, which in my 
mind is the first step, highlighting potential problems, but as far as 
accessibility reviewers WAVE 3.5 is pretty user-friendly.

That said, there will still (to my mind) be a need for a JAWS review, 
which, low and behold, we also have a template for.

Here is the link: http://confluence.sakaiproject.org/confluence/x/8ow

It would be great if you could take a look and we could discuss their 
usefullness via email prior to the next Breeze meeting. Colin and 
Richard, I'm particularly looking forward to your thoughts because of 
your expertise. The protocol employs the Firefox accessibility checker 
and WAVE 3.5, but perhaps there is something that covers 2.0 from U 
Toronto that would be preferable...

Any and all suggestions for streamlining this or simplifying for persons 
not familiar with accessibility testing (should you think necessary) 
will be greatly appreciated, of course!

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