Reordering widgets and accessibility

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Thu May 10 22:21:12 UTC 2007

The updateReference method would seem to have been added to the Reference
interface at some fairly recent date - it certainly was not there in Sakai
2.2.x which it currently the primary target for evaluation. The most recent
tag for evaluation is 0.95, but the most important concern is to compile
with an adequately old version of Sakai :P

The TestReference class isn't actually very important in any case, it
is just an experiment in advance of more solid Entity work with evaluation -
you could probably just remove it and references to it to try to deploy with
a more recent version.

Quoting Anastasia Cheetham <a.cheetham at>:
> On 10-May-07, at 12:24 PM, Aaron Zeckoski wrote:
> > Since this should be related to the goals of the project I thought I
> > would try to show what I have so far for an item reordering widget
> > (attempting to be acessible) and see what suggestions people might
> > have. Hopefully this will spark some discussion about AJAX and JS
> > stuff and acessibility.
> >
> > You can check it out here:
> >
> > webapp/content/templates/modify_template_items.html
> Aaron, thanks. This looks very interesting.
> We're looking at the HTML, but we're unable to compile the actual
> tool. We're getting the following error:
> test:compile:
>      [javac] Compiling 16 source files to /Users/team/sakai/
> evaluation/impl/logic/target/test-classes
> /Users/team/sakai/evaluation/impl/logic/src/test/org/sakaiproject/
> evaluation/logic/test/stubs/
> org.sakaiproject.evaluation.logic.test.stubs.TestReference is not
> abstract and does not override abstract method updateReference
> (java.lang.String) in org.sakaiproject.entity.api.Reference
> public class TestReference implements Reference {
>         ^
> We've tried both the trunk and tag 0.5.
> Any thoughts on what's going wrong?

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