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This is great work!  The heuristics Gary uses (Nielsen) are also my  
favorite.  I think this is a great starting point.  It seems like we  
may want to add some heuristics that speak to specific challenges we  
have in the various applications including any style guidelines that  
exist.  Gary's reporting out of the results is also quite  
good...consise, explicit including annotated screen shots and  
suggested solution(s).  We'll want to think about how to combine  
multiple evaluators results into a similar report.  I attended some  
interesting sessions on this subject at CHI and will pull together  
some information to share with the group next week.  I suggest we  
schedule a teleconference or breeze call in the next couple of weeks  
to get the ball rolling.

Who would like to be involved in the heuristic work?
What is your availability in the next couple weeks?


On Apr 30, 2007, at 3:56 PM, Colin Clark wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> As promised at the FLUID launch meeting, here are some links to the  
> user
> experience documentation that Gary Thompson, Collier Jones, and others
> in the uPortal community have assembled.
> We talked about Gary's heuristic analyses of the uPortal 2
> administrative user interfaces at the launch meeting. I think he's  
> done
> an excellent job with this work, and we may want to use it as starting
> point for our own FLUID heuristic protocols.
> You can find a list of the analyses he has done so far at:
> http://www.ja-sig.org/wiki/display/UPC/User+Experience+Analysis
> Here's a link to the general uPortal User Experience home, which
> provides links to all kinds of interesting UX documentation and  
> planning:
> http://www.ja-sig.org/wiki/display/UPC/Home
> What do you think?
> Colin
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